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Episode 83 – Gonzo Admits That I Am A Genius

Ryan Cody returns to the podcast, and he brought beer! He discusses his new book, Adventure Van, but we find time to discuss Black Klansman, Quiet Place, Dark Tourism, Frank Frazetta, Power Records, Cassettes, Bobcat Goldthwait, and everyone’s first porn

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Episode 72 – Bearded Cap Gives Me A Boner

Two episodes in one week… what? The sound of a beer being opened on mic can only mean one thing, the return of Ryan Cody! Ryan tells us all about this weekend’s ACME events, but we still find time to discuss the Infinity War, Powerpuff Girls, Meow Wolf, Sita Sings the Blues, CGI vs Cell animation, Anthony Bourdain, and the Bionic Splits

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Episode 6 – Team Ant Man

We are coming to you live from the AZ Comic Mini Expo at Samurai Comics, with three time guest Ryan Cody. This is a unique appearance by Ryan, as he is not drinking during the podcast. Instead, we discuss Yu-Gi-Oh, bad fonts, Free Comic Book Day, AZ Comic Mini Expo, DC movies we’d like to see, casting Ms Marvel, and Captain America: Civil War

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My Little Gonzo - Podcast Is Magic
My Little Gonzo – Podcast Is Magic