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Episode 79 – Its Called A Glory Hole Not A Shame Hole

J is still on assignment, so Steve invited over the two most manly men he could find, Dick Strangler and Karl “Jackhammer” Jones. They discuss diplomacy with North Korea, the immigration crisis, and the chilling effect of tariffs on international trade. Just kidding, they mostly talk about their dicks

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Episode 46 – The Poop Emoji of Dorian Gray

We have a very special guest this week, the legendary Dick Strangler. We take a deep dive into this champions mind, and learn all about his past and his amazing career. Of course, we also tangent into Dragnet, the films of Shaquille O’Neil, Ken Wahl, Shockmaster, Mean Gene Okerlund, the Hutus and the Tutsis, and controversy. So much controversy

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