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Episode 92 – Artists and Math

We took a week off due to deadlines and Halloween, but now we’re back, and better (?) than ever! This week, the boys discuss the mid-term elections, Big Adventure Con, Tenacious D, the closing of Comedy Off Main Street, Escape Room Mesa, Adam Sandler, The Damned, the Dickies, Don’t Watch This, Dengar vs Zuckuss, and J Gonzo has a big announcement!

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Episode 69 – A Perfect Opportunity to Discuss Bill & Ted

Like a repressed childhood trauma, we return unexpectedly to ruin your day! This time around, the boys discuss the Bird City Comedy Festival, Disneyland, Isle of Dogs, #Screamers, Krypton, and the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin

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Episode 33 – Murder, He Tattooed

Two episodes in a row, we’re on a streak! This week, the boys discuss the film Logan, with diversions into the Mighty 690, the Rock Bottom Comedy Show, Steve’s stand-off with the police, the hazards of drinking and tattooing, Randy of the Redwoods, and we say goodbye to Robert Osborne and Jay Lynch

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Episode 21 – Rascal Doesn’t Wanna Rascal Anymore

This episode is exceptionally ripe with sexual tension, and the boy discuss Steve’s hellish night of comedy, Cab Comics, Los Punks, For The Love of Spock, and Yoga Hosers, while also dipping into the topics of Virginia Madsen, RIP John Polito, playing cards at a strip club, and the sound of Cyclons having sex

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Episode 20 – Baller On A Budget

This week, Steve and J are joined by comedian Amy Blackwell, as we discuss the Razing Arizona comedy tour and saturday morning television, while tangenting into Tribble runs, Wallace & Ladmo, the Battle of the Network Stars, ocean envy, and where to get drugs in Phoenix comedy. All this, and our first edit in post!

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Episode 19 – RuPaul of Tarsus

We do a deep dive into a different kind of cult this week, as JGonzo reaches back to his chool years to explain Catholocism. The boys also discuss Holocaust documentaries, Stranger Things, recent comedy shows, Jack Kirby’s birthday, and bid a fond farewell to Mr Fuji and Gene Wilder

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Episode 11 – Foxed Around the Edges

Steve and J are reunited after nearly a month, and boy do they have a lot to catch up on. This week, they discuss Phoenix ComicCon, Heroes Con, John Carpenter, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters, Wacky Raceland, quest items, CGC comedy, The Foil Age, and regional cosplay comparison

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