Previous Guests

Ryan Cody is a comic book artist, MMA enthusiast, and founder of the Arizona Comics Mini Expo (ACME).  He is currently doing the art for the third Doc Unknown graphic novel.  Check him out at

Brian Augustyn is sort of a big deal: former DC editor, writer, creator of the legendary Gotham by Gaslight graphic novel, and bon vivant.  You can hear him on his latest podcast, BAMcast, at

John Derrick West is a comic book artist and international man of mystery.  He has no web page, so you can’t find him; pray that he does not find you

Al Sparrow is a comic book artist, writer, and one of the creators of the Red Skirts web comic.  You can find his website, along with his web series Barbrarian, at Studio Fugazi

Andy Ashcraft is an independent game designer, snappy dresser, and iguana owner.  Check out his game design company Giantsdance Games

Jackie Kashian is a popular stand-up comedian and podcaster.  You should be listening to her podcast, The Dork Forest, and check her website to find out when she’s coming to your town.  Her latest podcast, The Jackie and Laurie Show, is now available through Nerdist Industries

Michele Snyder is internationally known for her Sharknado cosplay.  You can find her tweeting all things sharky at @sharknadogal

Erin Ontko is a Phoenix comedian who runs the Happier Hour comedy show at ThirdSpace in downtown Phoenix every Thursday.  You can find her at @ErinOntko, and her show at @3rdSpaceComedy

Abigail Page is a cosplayer and alt-model, known for her work as Lady Mekanika.  You can find her at Bunny Page Official