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This episode has guests to break up the monotony

Episode 56 – Galvanized Your Virginity

In a mostly tangent-free episode, we speak with Tony Parker, artist for the Dark Horse series This Damned Band. We discuss his career from his early days doing gaming art to his current projects and the art classes he is teaching. We also play with his very large dog, Cerberus, and discuss gaming systems, weddings, the challenges of art storage, and the ups and downs of the original art market

Episode 54 – Dust the Old Sharknado Off

This week, we are joined by two guests: comic artist Al Sparrow and world famous cosplayer Michele Snyder. We review the new comic “This Damned Band,” give a send off to wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and discuss Michele’s stint as Sharknado Gal and all things sharky, while managing to fit in the topic of bad movies, with an emphasis on MST3K and RiffTrax. As if that wasn’t enough, we manage to tangent into Megaforce, Denise Richards, speculate about our “Cruisin’ for Chick” documentary, and Steve hates on Wil Wheaton and Mark McGrath and continually refuses to get Gonzo’s name right