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This episode has guests to break up the monotony

Episode 46 – The Poop Emoji of Dorian Gray

We have a very special guest this week, the legendary Dick Strangler. We take a deep dive into this champions mind, and learn all about his past and his amazing career. Of course, we also tangent into Dragnet, the films of Shaquille O’Neil, Ken Wahl, Shockmaster, Mean Gene Okerlund, the Hutus and the Tutsis, and controversy. So much controversy

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Episode 42 – The Podcast of Regrettable Villains

This week, Steve and special guest host Al Sparrow discuss the Jon Morris book “The Legion of Regrettable Villains”, going into excruciating detail about some of the silliest characters ever committed to paper, and then adding a few more of their own

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Episode 34 – Gateway Meat

We are back at a new undisclosed location, a few blocks away from the previous undisclosed location. This week, the boys are joined by cosplayer Abigail Page, as they discuss all things cosplay and conventions, with reviews of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Danny Says, Raw, and the new Jesus and Mary Chain album, with diversions into the Legion of Superheroes, Star TRek comics, and Steve’s world tour of Phoenix

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Episode 23 – What’s The Meaning Of Life, Hotplate?

Steve and J are joined by David Kays, as we discuss the post-apocalypse and political punk rock music. Of course, we can’t stay on topic, and diverge into talking about bar comedy, The Patriarchy, Margaret Thatcher vs Ronald Reagan, and a listener correction

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Episode 20 – Baller On A Budget

This week, Steve and J are joined by comedian Amy Blackwell, as we discuss the Razing Arizona comedy tour and saturday morning television, while tangenting into Tribble runs, Wallace & Ladmo, the Battle of the Network Stars, ocean envy, and where to get drugs in Phoenix comedy. All this, and our first edit in post!

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Episode 10 – Skyrim – Baby Eating DLC

While the Gonzo is away, the negativsteve will play… video games. Steve welcomes Jaime Ruiz for extensive
discussion of the news out of E3, but still has time for digressions into legless lightrail porn, human pride,
music to get beaten up to, the fate of Sonic the Hedgehog, and erotic Frozen fanfic

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Episode 6 – Team Ant Man

We are coming to you live from the AZ Comic Mini Expo at Samurai Comics, with three time guest Ryan Cody. This is a unique appearance by Ryan, as he is not drinking during the podcast. Instead, we discuss Yu-Gi-Oh, bad fonts, Free Comic Book Day, AZ Comic Mini Expo, DC movies we’d like to see, casting Ms Marvel, and Captain America: Civil War

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My Little Gonzo - Podcast Is Magic
My Little Gonzo – Podcast Is Magic

Episode 63 – Blood with a Chance of Boobs

Steve and J are joined by Rob Maebe and Gordon McKay to talk about their favorite horror films. Movies discussed include Nightmare on Elm Street, The Strangers, Hellraiser, It Follows, Friday the 13th, Saw, Strangelands, and Return of the Living Dead, along with lively debate about the Leprechaun banking system.

Episode 61 – The League of Regrettable Podcasts

Steve and special guest host Al Sparrow discuss Jon Morris’ book “The League of Regrettable Superheroes” while adding in a few of their own favorites, including a rant about the Legion of Super Pets. Also, hear Steve repeatedly refer to “issues” as “episodes”, and a sports joke!

“We have a private club with unique personalities but we have no purpose and no goal to achieve”