Episode 14 – MTU Stands for Subway Cop

Steve and J laugh in the face of the Men’s Rights movement as they talk about the new Ghostbusters film, and risk their apathy by also reviewing Lucha Mexico, Eat This Question, and Stranger Things. Along the way, there are also Peter Gabriel puns, obscure Vietnam movies, the 1984 film Angel, racist cartoons, and Taxi Driver 2.


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Episode 13 – The Turducken of Elder Gods

In one of our most racist episodes yet, the Jews and the Catholics are ready to go to war. Steve and J discuss Catholic saint names, ecumenical councils, gnostics, white pride tattoos, a game of Alive/Not Alive, name an Osmond, Brunch vs Siesta, the Judgement Night soundtrack and Denis Leary’s best villain roles, Frank Miller’s Noah Year One, and J reviews Swiss Army┬áMan

EDIT: Sadly, the audio on this episode was lost



Episode 12 – Depressing Ass

Happy Independents Day! Steve and J present their tribute to independent art, but discussing what it means to be independent, along with a few suggestions of indie titles to enjoy. Of course, there are tangents, as the boys discuss The Seeds documentary “Pushin’ Too Hard”, the psychedelic 60’s, the economics of collecting, Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, Frank Miller, Savanna Smiles, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters, airport strip clubs, and Negatvsteve’s part in the JFK assassination.


EDIT: Sadly, the audio for this episode was lost