Episode 9 – Deathbird Singing In The Dead Of Night

This week, we introduce our new method rating movies, which we use to talk about X-Men: Apocalypse. We also review Neighbors 2 and DC Rebirth, while tangenting into topics such as blues legends, the importance of continuity in films, the Captain America controversy, and comic legends that we would like to meet

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Episode 8 – A ChemTrail Away From Full-On Crazy

This week, Steve and J review Lady Dynamite, The Nice Guys, Preacher, and Future Quest, while tangenting into such diverse topics as which legendary comic creators have descended into madness, why 1983 was the greatest year in cinematic history, and what it is that JGonzo does when he’s not podcasting

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Episode 6 – Team Ant Man

We are coming to you live from the AZ Comic Mini Expo at Samurai Comics, with three time guest Ryan Cody. This is a unique appearance by Ryan, as he is not drinking during the podcast. Instead, we discuss Yu-Gi-Oh, bad fonts, Free Comic Book Day, AZ Comic Mini Expo, DC movies we’d like to see, casting Ms Marvel, and Captain America: Civil War

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My Little Gonzo - Podcast Is Magic
My Little Gonzo – Podcast Is Magic