Episode 1 – Volume 2, Number 1: The Rebirth

After an extended break, we’re back and more podcasty than ever! This week, JGonzo and Steve talk about Batman vs Superman. A lot. They are working through some serious trauma. Also, a little Daredevil season 2, but mostly Dawn of Justice

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Not a Dream, Not a Hoax, Not an Imaginary Tale

After a brief hiatus, the Cult of Popture will once again be let loose upon an unsuspecting internet.  Worlds will die, heroes will rise, and nothing shall ever be the same again!

Look for a new episode of The Cult of Popture right here on Sunday, March 27th, because Easter seemed an appropriate time for a rebirth.  We will be discussing Batman vs Superman vs Audience Expectations, with some season 2 Daredevil thrown in for good measure.

Join us, won’t you?