Episode 61 – The League of Regrettable Podcasts

Steve and special guest host Al Sparrow discuss Jon Morris’ book “The League of Regrettable Superheroes” while adding in a few of their own favorites, including a rant about the Legion of Super Pets. Also, hear Steve repeatedly refer to “issues” as “episodes”, and a sports joke!

“We have a private club with unique personalities but we have no purpose and no goal to achieve”

Episode 60 – Stan von Leedow

This week, the boys review the new Maze Runner movie, Black Mass, An Honest Liar, Miracle Man, the new TV seriesĀ Scream Queens, and the season premiere of Doctor Who. They also dig into such topics as “How old can you be and still say ‘On fleek’?”, successfully handling technical difficulties, other Hitlers, and the sound of a middle finger. All this, plus J Gonzo karaoke!

Episode 59 – Joss Whedon’s Love American Style

No real theme this week, just lots of tangents. We discuss Bob Dylan imitations, inspirations for 90s comic book fashions, comic book words, Jimmy Olson’s signal watch, the Mad Max box set, potential future franchises for Tommy Wiseau, childhood disappointments, and we hold an on-air production meeting.