Episode 8 – Ruffio Is Jason’s Dangerous Word

The Cult of Popture episode 8 has been released back into the wild like a scene from Free Willy. This week, we discuss the passing of several geek celebrities of note, with particular attention to Robin Williams and Menahem Golan. Steve discusses Edge of Tomorrow three times, Jason talks about his rage issues with Hook, and technical problems are overcome. Take a listen, won’t you?

Episode 6 – Too Many Juggalo Jokes

Like a posse of Juggalos trying to escape the FBI, the latest episode of the Cult of Popture has been released into the night.
This week, Jason discusses his experience as a small press vendor at San Diego ComicCon, we discuss the major announcements that came out of the Con, and Steve makes far too many jokes about Juggalos. All this, plus Whatcha Readin?, Recommendations, and a new Top 11 List!
So dig into some audio tomfoolery